All yoga is therapeutic.  However the distinction here is a way of differentiating between general yoga for those who are more or less physically and / or mentally well, and yoga as therapy  is tailor made for those with health issues.
Whether or not you have practiced Yoga before, Yoga Therapy can help you to accept, manage, improve and move forward with, your condition.  Whether your health issue is musculoskeletal, cardio vascular, neurological, or something else, you will be given a practice that is designed to accommodate any restrictions and improve your condition. Yoga may also begin to change your outlook and your attitude to your self, your present circumstances and to your life.  Yoga Therapy is a complementary discipline of yoga practices (comprising physical postures, breathing techniques, and concentration and relaxation methods) designed to meet your individual needs.

Ytherapy-yoga_clip_image002oga Therapy requires no previous yoga experience and is beneficial for a great variety of conditions  including RSI, osteoporosis, hypertension, migraine, depression, cancer, diabetes, low back pain, IBS, MS, fribromyalgia, menopause, ME, sports injuries, asthma, and Parkinson’s disease.

Yoga Therapy gives the participant the tools of yoga as a means of physically and mentally managing and improving their wellbeing.  Yoga Therapy encourages healing, balance, stability, equanimity and equilibrium and is offered One-to-One and in some cases to small groups of people with similar conditions.


This 12 week evidence based course has been proven effective for chronic low back pain by research funded by Arthritis Research and conducted by York University.  Small classes, individual attention and guidance through progressive practices at a pace that suits you.  This course runs in conjunction with the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs book (which is the student manual), Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Relaxation CD , and worksheets.

For more information about the background of this course do check out – or through the links page




Using aspects of yoga that are appropriate for you a programme (sadhana) of yoga is devised which offers you the tools to bring a sense of harmony to your life and  promote the body’s innate healing resources


I advise 6 sessions as a minimum, preferably weekly.  The first session will be approximately 90 minutes, and the following sessions will be between 60 and 75 minutes.

After a short telephone consultation (or email) you will be sent an Application for Yoga Therapy to complete and return.  The initial session will comprise further information gathering and a brief yoga session together with a print-out so that you can continue with the initial practice until the next meeting.

I will then guide you each week through the familiar practice already given, and also add to the programme, so that at the end of the course you will have a suitable sadhana that fits in with your lifestyle and requirements.  It may also be possible to have an audio led mp3 recording of your sadhana on request.

After the initial 6 sessions you may like to continue with weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions or you might decide to join a yoga class as an addition to your regular home practice

Costs: Yoga Therapy one to one : £40 per session plus 45p per mile after the first 20 miles travelled.  There will be small additional cost for those requesting an mp3 recording of their sadhana.



I have run a regular yoga therapy class for people with Parkinson’s Disease and I am keen to set up classes for small groups of people with similar conditions e.g. IBS, Hypertension/stress, Migraine***.
Cost:  the cost will depend on numbers and room hire fees.