The practices of yoga combine physical postures, the energy of the breath, mental awareness and intelligence, mindfulness and meditation – all bringing a sense of wholeness.  This alignment and integration can bring healing and peace within.  When we are in a state of balance this is naturally reflected back out to the world.


Often translated as yoking or union, yoga entails the bringing together of all the aspects of one’s being into a state of balance.

We are all aware of these aspects known as koshas (layer or sheath) in yoga.  We know ourselves to be physical bodies; to be bodies of energy; we have a part of mind that processes and responds to sensory input and responds to the world through feelings and emotions; and another part of the mind wherein our intelligence thoughts and beliefs lie.  The fifth layer is our experience and expression of  bliss or joy.  iRest® Yoga Nidra recognizes a sixth sheath of I-ness/Ego self.  Witnessing all these as aspects of ourselves we come to realize our True Essence of Being, our Essential Nature, or Awareness that is vast and spacious.

“Could it be that this nameless essence and your presence

Are one and the same thing?

Would it be there without your presence?

Go deeply into it

Find out for yourself”

from Beauty Arises in the Stillness of Your Presence by Eckhart Tolle


Whether you are young and fit, or are more mature, or if you have health issues, Yoga, Yoga Nidra and/or  Yoga as Therapy will help you to bring balance to your life and can profoundly change the way you view the world.

In yoga classes I teach practices available to most who are generally in good health, offering modifications where necessary

In One-to-One sessions I offer a yoga sadhana (practice)  which will incorporate physical postures,  (slow, meditative, cooling, or  energizing, flowing, heating  – and anything in between! – depending on individual needs and requirements).   Similarly breath practices and mindful meditation are tailored  to your personal needs

Please phone or email me for a personal consultation to find the right course of action for you.